Most vehicle owners neglect to regularly check their tyre pressures. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you drive or which tyres you have, your vehicles efficiency and safety are directly affected by whether or not your tyres are correctly inflated. We recommend checking your tyres at least every month.

Increase your vehicles efficiency

If your vehicles tyres are under-inflated then this will increase their rolling resisitance. This means that it will take more energy or fuel to make them turn. An under-inflated tyre can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 4%, that’s like adding another 8 cents per litre to your fuel costs.

Increase you vehicles safety

Your vehicle’s handing is greatly impaired if your tyres are under-inflated this can lead to poor cornering and braking, especially in wet conditions.

Extend the life of your tyres

Under-inflated tyres cause wear to the outer edge of your tyre and rapid wear to the tyre tread. Keeping good tyre pressures will increase the life of your tyres.