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We use VINZ as our independent WOF certifier

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Personalised Warrant of Fitness Service

Whether your car will fly through a Warrant of Fitness or needs work first, taking it to Carisma Cars is a sensible move.

It will be checked over and then personally taken to VINZ, an independent WOF certifier to have the WOF issued. We do this as a service to our customers to save them time.

There’s a logical reason for this. Sometimes, a technician might fail a vehicle for something minor – like a missing seatbelt label, for instance. In that situation, an advocate lobbying for the vehicle to be passed instead of undergoing an expensive and unnecessary repair is often successful.

Another regular occurrence for vehicle owners is that their car fails the warrant, and when the repairs are done, they have to take it back and put it through again to get the WOF issued. This can be highly time-consuming but not when you rely on Carisma Cars to sort your warrant for you.

There’s a third reason to use Carisma Cars’ warrant service – we won’t make you pay for unnecessary repairs before issuing the warrant.

Some garages licensed to issue warrants will tell you that your vehicle needs repairs, when that’s not true, and refuse to give you one until that work is done. By personally taking cars to VINZ, the Carisma team knows exactly what needs to be done and will do only that, not add in extra just to pad out the bill.

They can also send you a text when the warrant is due – a very helpful service which will save many a fine! In the past, garages routinely mailed customers reminders but with the rise in the price of postage, this no longer happens. Carisma uses modern technology to get around this, texting or emailing to remind you in plenty of time so your car is always legal.

Getting a warrant with Carisma is no more expensive than having it done anywhere else, with the added peace of mind that any work needing to be done will be carried out swiftly, efficiently and cost effectively.