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A recent survey of vehicle owners found that what they want from their vehicle servicing centre is quite simple:

They want their car to be repaired properly the first time,
quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss and bother.

In other words, they don’t like having to make repeat visits for the same problem; and they don’t want their car sitting around waiting to be repaired. They want their vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Carisma Cars’ customers know that when they take their vehicle to Steve and Andrew Lawton, the problem will be diagnosed swiftly and repaired as expeditiously as possible.

Key to this is communication. Steve and Andrew will ask you questions about the problem you’re reporting so they can narrow down the number of potential causes and pinpoint the diagnoses. This saves you time and money.

When you bring in your vehicle, the team will also ask for your contact details so they can get in touch should they find anything unexpected that needs attention. That way, you can decide whether to have the additional work completed while it is in the shop or defer it.

Also, if the team spots anything that will need attention in the short term, they will tell you so you don’t find yourself away on a trip when the issue becomes acute, perhaps stranding you in the middle of nowhere.

For jobs that take a little longer than normal, customers receive progress reports on the work in progress.

The Carisma team don’t mind visitors. Come and see your engine broken down into its component parts and talk with the mechanics about the job. You’ll find it fascinating.

Utilising the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available, your vehicle will be in good hands at Carisma Cars.



Industry-leading diagnostics equipment together with expert service. It’s a unique combination that enables us to tackle every job with confidence and efficiency.